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Details, sizes, fittings and contents of any property offered for sale or rent are for guidance purposes only, and prospective buyers and tenants should satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of such details. They should not be relied upon as the basis of any contract or agreement and Key One Property Ltd accept no liability for any errors or ommissions.


When buying a home, or indeed renting, you should ensure that you conduct sufficient due diligence on not just the property but the location. When buying, your solicitor will conduct searches which will assist but both buyers and renters should carry out whatever other checks and research that they feel is important to them about the location. For instance, proximity of schools, broadband services, crime statistics and air pollution are a few examples.


To check the air polllution in the area that you are thinking of moving to, go to:

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Broadband information provided is indicative only and we guarantee no accuracy. Information is taken from or, however prospective buyers or tenants should conduct their own checks.

(note this is an external link for which we have no control over).

Veiwings are offered without charge or obligation for both propsective purchasers and tenants. The only exception to this is where you do not turn up for a viewing and do not give notice of cancellation. In such circumstances we charge £20.00 per viewing. We will of course use our discretion and will not charge where there is a genuine reason for a no-show. If you are running late just let us know; we will afford the same courtesy to you. We share details about "no-show" viewers with other agents and landlords, including your name address and contact details. Take note that this may cause difficulty in obtaining other viewings. We cannot accept liability for failing to access a property due to circumstances beyond our control.

Renters Only

This price shown in all our adverts is inclusive of a discount for paying on time. A higher rate is applicable if you do not pay on time. In addition, late payers may also have to pay extra fees and interest. It is not our policy however to disallow discount or apply charges for occasional accidental arrears. If there is a lot of interest in a property the landlord can sometimes ask us to open it up to higher rent offers. If you wish to make an offer of a higher rent to secure any property you are free to do so, however this is not a requirement. 

It is a prospective tenant's responsibility when applying for any property with us, to provide adequate and sufficient assurance of the identity and ability to pay rents and not to breach the tenancy agreement in any way. Whilst we conduct some checks on behalf of landlords, prospective tenants are required to supply the following: 1) official photo identification 2) proof of address 3) completed application form 4) proof of employment/income/means to pay,  5) electronic identification verification 6) electronic address verification 7) credit check 8) HMCTS court judgements check, which must all be current to within 48 hours of the application and we must be able to independently verify this infomation (this means you will have to give authorisation to the data issuers to disclose this data to us). You may have to pay a third party provider for this information, however you have the choice of asking us to carry out the service for you (items 5-8 above).  This is not an application fee; these are items that you are required to provide under our client terms. 

If the above verifications are not reasonably completed within 3 working days we may cancel your application and retain your deposit in line with below (see Holding Deposit). Where we provide electronic reports you must pay us for this service (fees are below). These fees are non-refundable, except where the landlord withdraws the property after you make payment or fails to offer you a tenancy for any reason other than your suitability. Paying such a fee will not guarantee that you are being offered a tenancy nor will we remove it from the market, unless you pay a holding deposit (see below). You should ask us to view the tenancy agreement before you commit to paying any fee or deposit, however if you do not, you may not ask for a refund if you do not agree with any terms of the tenancy agreement and withdraw.

Please note: where you apply for a property and fail to complete the verifications, we may be legally required to make a Suspicious Activity Report to the National Crime Agency. Check our privacy policy for other ways in which we may disclose your personal data.

Fees: Electronic ID/Verification/Credit Report from £25 per tenant and guarantor. Other Fees that we may charge tenants include: Re-letting fee (where you breach the tenancy agreement/terminate early) = £350-£750, missed viewing £20.00, missed inspection £45.00, late rent fees - as per tenancy agreement, call outs to the property for any matter relating to a breach of tenancy £25-£45. You should check the tenancy agreement for any other fees that may become due by yoir landlord. For any other work that we have to undertake we charge £25 per hour + expenses.

We ask prospective tenants making an application to pay a holding deposit. This is typically around £100-£200. This temporarily suspends viewing whilst your application is being processed. This is refundable where you are not offered a tenancy, except if you have provided false or misleading information (in those circumstances you agree to forfeiting the holding deposit). If you are successful, this holding deposit will be attributed to your main deposit or rent. You will be asked to sign a tenancy agreement upon acceptance and offer of a tenancy. If you fail to do so within a reasonable time, you wll forfeit your deposit. If you sign a tenancy and fail to proceed, you will also lose your deposit. Our holding deposit scheme is supported by Which? Click on the link for their indepedent advice.

We will allow you time to read and if necessary take legal advice on your tenancy agreement before you sign it. You can see the tenancy agreement before you pay any holding deposit or fee to us. Be advised that once you sign the tenancy you are entering into a legally binding agreement, and if you breach it you could be liable to pay anything stipulated within it. This may include unpaid rent, disallowed discount, damages, costs and interest. It is our policy to take tenants to court where payment for breaches are not made. If this happens, you may have a CCJ against you which may make obtaining housing, finance or goods in the future extremely difficult.

Tenancies are granted on the basis of merit/commerciality. We do not discriminate against any group whatsoever in the allocation of tenancies for private housing. In the majority of cases we discuss any and all propsective tenants with the relevant landlord/s. This usually results in the landlord/s making a decision on who to offer a tenancy to. There are many factors that can be considered in making this decision but in summary a landlord will try to choose a tenant that they think will be most likley to always pay the rent in time, and meet all of the other tenancy obligations, particularly looking after the property. We are sorry but to protect the privacy of all applicants we cannot disclose specifics about why any person may not be offered a tenancy (unless an application is submitted and there are obvious issues such as bad credit).

We also would advise that we are however required to bring to the attention of prospective tenants, any substantial negative fact about property that we are marketing to let. In addition, we are obligated to make prospective tenants aware of anything which may affect their health and safety. This may include abuse and attacks that are motivated by race, religion, nationality etc. You may be able to obtain further information about the exact locations of such attacks from the police to assist you in determining if the area is relatively safe for you to live in. We would advise you that if you rent a property and subsequently leave it without the landlord's consent (regardless of whether or not this follows any attack or similar event), you may be liable for rent for the full period of the tenancy, and any interest and charges that may be accrued. Key One Property also share information about tenants with other landlords and agents; see our Privacy Policy and Tenancy Agreement.

It is every tenant's right to claim housing benefit. Tenancies are granted on the basis of merit/commerciality and the parameters set by individual landlords, their insurers and mortgagees. Therefore the conditions for acceptance of tenants in each property may vary. Generally, we do not accept that tenants in receipt of housing benefit have a provable income to support payment of rent, however we will look at each case on its own merits. On most occacsions we will request a guarantor. Tenants on benefits should take note that regardless of whether or not their rents are paid by their local authority/NIHE, it is the tenant and/or guarantor who are ultimately liable for payment of rent.

We will share data with other agents, landlords and specialist referencing companies to assist in the selection of suitable tenants and fraud prevention. As a tenant we may enter your details onto a database accessible by other agents and landlords for the same purposes. See Privacy Policy for full details


Where you leave or post any review of our company, services or clients on any public domain (e.g social media platforms etc) you give us express permission to disclose proportionate personal information about you and your dealings with us on public domains (see Privacy Policy). If you post an inaccurate, misleading or otherwise unfounded review, we may disclose any proportionate personal or financial information about you which we deem required to defend any such review. We may also take legal action against you.




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