Landlords: Tenants in 5 minutes with Propertypal

Posted: 10/12/2021


How long after you advertise a property should you expect the first enquiries? On Friday morning it was just 5 minutes between listing a property and receiving the first enquiry through PropertyPal and within 24 hours we had 20 viewings booked in. As an agent we have access to both PropertyPal and PropertyNews, the biggest property websites in N Ireland. Not only do we get enquiries almost instantaneously but we get high volume and high quality; or shoudl we say better quality than buy and sell and social media sites. This means we can get good tenants quickly for our landlords. Some landlords think they are saving money by not paying a tenant but every week that your rental sits empty you could lose £150.00 a week in rent, and it's easy to run into two and three weeks. Get a bad tenant and it could cost thousands. We offer low fees, no VAT and a choice of letting and management or letting only. 

Note: Top image shows the time the property was listed and bottom image the first enquiry.

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