Court order for over £1,000 against former tenant

Posted: 4/11/2021


We recently assisted one of our landlords to win £1091 in court from a former tenant. We rarely have tenant disputes but when they do arise, we really earn our money by resolving the vast majority, quite quickly. But on the rare occasions that disputes cannot be resolved, as in this case, we will fully support our landlords by making claims with both deposit services and/or the small claims courts. Rilwan and Farouk Adetugboboh were tenants in a property that we managed for a landlord (we can name them as this is now a publicly available record). Before the tenancy was ended, as we do with all tenants, we issued them with written guidance on how the property should be left and exactly what they needed to pay. This was supported by the tenancy agreement, condition report and check-in photos. But the tenants ignored all of this and left the property in an unacceptable condition and owing rent. On behalf of the landlord, we claimed and received the full deposit from the deposit scheme. But as this still left a balance, we asked the tenants to pay the remainder. They ignored us so we sent several reminders and a final demand. They ignored this too. So, we took them to the small claims court on behalf of the landlord and obtained an order for £1,000 plus the court fee of £91. Rilwan and Farouk Adetugboboh now have this court record against them, which can often cause difficulty when trying to obtain finance, housing, products, services, and insurance. In fact, some employers now conduct credit checks, and this could prevent them from obtaining new jobs. The irony is, had the tenants made a compromise offer at a early stage, they would have likely had a lower figure to pay and time to pay - but importantly no court record. Should they not pay, an Enforcements of Judgement order will be sought to have payments made from their earnings. 

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