More tenants want pets but not if Stormont has its way

Posted: 27/10/2021

IMG_8512 (2).jpg

The number of tenants seeking rental homes that will accept pets is up significantly, due to the big increase in pet ownership over the pandemic. But if Stormont votes to limit tenancy deposits to one month's rent, it will most likely substantially reduce the amount of pet-friendly private rentals. Most private landlords won't accept pets, or they may prefer a tenant without a pet. In today's market where there are multiple applicants for each property that puts pet owning tenants at a big disadvantage. Those landlords who accept pets rightly demand a higher deposit, to cover the potential for damages, which can be significant. The Private Tenancies Bill which will limit a deposit to one month's rent if passed, will simply mean that the risk to landlords is too high and they just won't accept pets. So if you are a pet-loving renter you need to contact your MLA before the bill is voted on !

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