71 enquiries for every rental home: PropertyPal.com

Posted: 18/10/2021


There are 71 enquiries for every rental home at the minute in Northern Ireland according to Propertypal.com, however that is the N Ireland average and we find that Belfast enquiries are higher. That figure is plus the enquiries from Propertynews.com and agents' boards. For letting agents like us, this increases the pool of applicants to choose from, meaning we can obtain a better quality tenant for our landlords; better quality meaning better ability to pay rent on time and to keep the property in good condition. Rent prices are also being pushed up due to the high demand and low supply, offering landlords better returns on their investment. If you are a landlord reading this and using "buy and sell" sites or social media to let out, you might want to reconsider - bad tenants (that is those who are bad payers and/or will not look after your property) use these sites to avoid agents who conduct more stringent checks than landlords. We can easily save you the money on our VAT-free low cost letting fee by finding you a good quality tenant fast - contact us for a chat. Want to know why we have high demand and low supply? See our recent article.

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