BBC Talkback discusses tenancy deposits

Posted: 9/10/2021


BBC NI Talkback took up the topic of tenancy deposits this week. All residential tenancy deposits must be protected in a government approved scheme by law. At Key One Property we use the Tenancy Deposit Service (TDS) custodial scheme, where deposits are transferred to an escrow account. The deposit always remains the property of the tenant and can only be claimed by a landlord or agent if there has been a breach of the tenancy agreement. A local letting agent and a representative of Housing Advice NI both informed listeners that in the cases of damages or cleaning, evidence must be shown to make a successful claim. We know this very well here at Key One Property, where we carry our experienced inventory clerk carries out detailed check-in and check-out reports along with multiple photographs. Still, it wasn't completely surprising to hear some tenant's stories about landlords "keeping their deposits". This is because there are still a small number of landlords who refuse to use agents and don't comply with the deposit regulations. As with many industries these few bad apples give a bad name to those who operate to higher standards. At Key One Property, deposit protection, inventories, inspections, condition reports, deposit claims and dispute resolution are all included in our letting and management service. 


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