Landlord offers all his properties to Afghan refugees

Posted: 22/8/2021


You may well have heard of multi-millionaire controversial landlord Fergus Wilson who once owned up to 1000 properties in England and evicted almost all of his tenants on housing benefit tenants in one go. So he has surprised many by offering the government 150 homes is Kent for the fleeing Afghan refugees. Wilson explains, “It seems the extraction from Kabul has all the hallmarks of the extraction from Saigon! Unless the UK acts extremely quickly the translators and their families will be butchered.” He adds: “If the UK brings them to Kent, I can offer to sell to HMG 150 houses to accommodate them. They are those remaining from my landlord portfolio which I have been selling off.” 

The UK has announced that it will waive border rules to allow Afghan asylum seekers to flee the Taliban to Britain without a passport. Defence Secretary Ben Wallace says the Government wants to make it easier for interpreters and contractors who supported Western forces to seek asylum.

Meanwhile, the Home Office has announced that it’s looking for contractors to build and run centres for more than 8,000 asylum seekers who would live in them for up to six months while their applications are dealt with.

Wilson believes that the Government has a duty of care towards the translators and their families, however, he is doubtful that the Government will take him up on his offer. 

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