No DSS - legal or illegal ?

Posted: 29/6/2021


Can you say no to DSS tenants? We recently carried an article about this following a court case in which a judge ruled that as more females and disabled tenants were likley to be in receipt of benefits, such a ban was discriminatory against them and therefore illegal. However, some insurance companies have still not changed their policies and won't cover DSS tenants. So what is a landlord supposed to do? Go and find a different insurer is probably the answer, but many will charge more for DSS tenants and trying to pass that cost on to a DSS-tenant would also - possibly - be illegal on the same grounds - but that's how car insurance works. They ask "are you married" and "are you in employment". It's not always the fact that someone is on benefits that is the issue, but that Universal Credit is so much of a mess and whilst you might get paid, it could be months in arrears or not at all! Surely having no guarantee of being paid is resaonably sufficient for saying, sorry but no DSS tenants?  Landlord? We provide VAT free lettings and management services.

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