Government encourage tenant bad debt with new laws

Posted: 14/5/2021


The government is encouraging tenants to increase their bad debt and the risk of eviction with its Breathing Space Moratorium, which is now law in GB but thankfully not in Northern Ireland. The government decided to pass legislation to allow tenants in severe arrears another two free months before a landlord can take legal action. The government thinks that a tenant who hasn't paid rent for months, is in debt usually to the tune of thousands of pounds and has been given every opportunity to try and reach a resolution but hasn't, should be allowed another two free months to sort it all out - paid for by the landlord. Unfortunately, the government haven't made legislation allowing landlords to do the same with mortgages, which still have to be paid. But this seemingly free-bee for tenants will back-fire as tenants who don't pay eventually are evicted and made homeless. Prospective tenants with arrears and court judgements are routinely rejected for private rented accommodation making it exceptionally difficult to get re-homed. However, the government have calculated that this is likely to increase the vote from renters whilst landlords only other realistic voting option will be Labour, who have even more crazy policies including unbelievably landlords giving their property to a tenant free of charge; we kid you not!

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