Citizens Advice want further erosion of landlord rights

Posted: 13/4/2021


The Citizens' Advice Bureau(CAB) have today demanded the further erosion of landlord's human rights. In particular, its spokesperson confirmed that it essentially wanted Article One of the First Protocol of the Human Rights Act not to apply to landlords. In a highly irresponsible interview on ITV News, the spokesperson claimed that the landlord-tenant relationship was heavily imbalanced in favour of landlords. The CAB believe that bizarrely, a tenant should have more rights to a property than the landlord who has bought it, insures it and maintains it. The statement was a reaction to an ITV report which found some inhabitable properties in Croydon. The CAB appear to have jumped to the conclusion on the basis of this report, that all landlords don't maintain their rental properties in a habitable condition and force all tenants to live in slums. TThe CAB must have forgotten that landlords are also "citizens" and that they should also be representing them as well as tenants. 

Image: Wikipedia.

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