Untrustworthy Trust Pilot

Posted: 20/2/2021

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Checking reviews on a company that you are thinking of using is very important to many consumers. On-line reviews are important to some people, particularly if they don't have any personal recommendations, so the credibility of review sites can be vital. But the credibility of Trustpilot has been completely shot after their policy of not verifying reviews was laid bare in recent court proceedings. One James Waymouth who left a false and defamatory review on the site was ordered to pay a London firm, Summerfield Browne, £25,000. Whilst Trustpilot who allowed the review to be published without checking its authenticity were not party to the proceedings, it exposed the fact that reviews on their site can be completely false. That has also been our experience of Trust Pilot here at Key One Property. They allowed an anonymous person to leave a false review and when we asked them to verify it was genuine and factual they refused to do so. Even after court proceedings that essentially proved that the review was false, Trust Pilot continued to allow it to remain on their site. In essence, Trust Pilot's policy promotes libel and the defamation of small businesses who are really struggling in this pandemic. In response, Trustpilot have said " We strongly oppose the use of legal action to silence consumers’ freedom of speech" but have clearly forgotten to add "even when those consumers are lying!". We say shame on you Trustpilot! To consumers, these cases clearly prove that the company should be called Don't-Trust-Pilot

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