Social media could prevent you getting a home or job!

Posted: 3/12/2020


Did you know that your social media profile could prevent you from obtaining rented accommodation or a job? As part of pre-tenancy checks, a growing number of letting agents and landlords now look at your social media profiles to judge if you are going to be a suitable tenant. Agents and landlords are looking at your attitudes and behaviours, and we for one have rejected a number of prospective tenants because we didn't like what we saw on social media. And it's even tighter for job applications. Within the last year we rejected a large number of job applicants because of social media issues. In this age where people feel entitled to post what they like (despite it sometimes being illegal or libellous) it reveals a lot about the quality of any prospective tenant or job applicant. So perhaps think before you start typing – it could mean you lose that rented property or job that you really want.

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