Landlords judicial review over evictions suspension in England

Posted: 28/11/2020


Landlords in England are to bring legal action against the government in respect of the suspension of evictions over lockdown. The solicitors representing the landlords concerned say they are to launch a judicial review on the basis that the suspension of evictions is not lawful as the direction is only contained within a letter from the Lord Chancellor. The landlords affected says that it is the most serious cases of arrears that concern them, and especially those that court orders were granted for before lockdown. The landlords have had their human rights completely ignored by the government, and it is this is the basis of their challenge. Landlords are not seeking to evict those who are on furlough and have lost jobs but are doing their best to try and pay rent, or obtain benefits, it is those that are serious "offenders". Some landlords find it perverse that a person can be criminally prosecuted for stealing a Mars bar from their corner shop but the government have encouraged tenants to "steal" rent from their landlords. 

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