Will evictions surge post lock-down?

Posted: 12/6/2020


Thousands of private renters will likely lose their jobs when furloughing comes to an end. Added to the job losses already seen, such as the recent Bombardier 600, there are growing concerns that many private tenants will not be able to make their rental payments from July onwards. This situation will only be made worse by the disaster that is Universal Credits (UC). Thousands of tenants in receipt of UC have already been evicted in England; many because the system wasn't paying, or it paid tenants direct who spent it on everything but their rent, or in the case of direct payments to landlords or agents, UC could not tell those agents or landlords whether they had paid or not, or when they did pay, what tenant it was for! Therefore there is a real risk of tenants actually having had their housing payments made direct to their landlord or agent, but because UC staff seem unwilling or incapable of advising landlords or agents what these payments are, tenants will actually be evicted when their rent is paid! Key One Property offer landlords VAT free lettings and management services, plus our sale fee is only 0.5% subject tio T&Cs.

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