Rightmove or Wrongmove? Agents rebel against website

Posted: 23/4/2020

2020-04-23 (2).png

Although we don't really use Rightmove here in Northern Ireland*, you will probably have heard about it. That's because it is reportedly the biggest website in GB for finding homes, along with competitor Zoopla. But the two portals that agents pay to advertise with just kept raising and raising prices. Several years ago agents in GB formed their own mutual and launched On The Market.com but now Rightmove is facing a second blow. Agents have started a campaign to boycott Rightmove who rely on agents having to advertise with them because that is where house-hunters will look. And that is where house sellers will expect to see their properties. However, apparently up to one fifth of agents are to boycott them and the figure is growing. Obviously if the movement is effective, it could see Rightmove's position plummet and eventually and potentially go out of business. So if you are thinking of buying shares in the company, you may wish to take this into consideration. *The NI market is dominated by two portals, PropertyNews.com and PropertyPal.com. If you ask us to let or sell your home, that is where we will advertise your property. Did you know that we don't charge VAT on our fees and that our sale fee is only 0.5% (subject to T&Cs). Contact us for a chat.

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