Rent Holidays For Tenants Ruled Out by Government

Posted: 1/4/2020


The government has ruled out rent breaks or "holidays" during the Coronavirus crisis. They have suspended eviction proceedings in England and Wales and Northern Ireland is set to follow. So what does that mean for tenants? Rent still technically has to be paid, however landlords are being encouraged to consider deferring rent where necessary, especially where it is a direct result of Covid 19. But tenants have to understand that this rent has to be paid at some stage, and failure to pay could still result in legal proceedings later. With the support package that the government has introduced for both employed and self-employed workers, the majority of tenants should be able to pay their rent once this support kicks in. Housing benefit tenants should be unaffected. If you are a tenant who thinks they will not be able to make their next rent payment in full, get in touch with your landlord or agent BEFORE the due date to discuss it. 

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