Home Information Packs Back But OTT !

Posted: 2/4/2016

Home information packs

The government is trying to re-introduce the failed Home Information Packs (HIPS) but in true Yes Minister style, with a catalogue of additional and unwanted OTT information. This could include:

* A health and safety assessment - yes for your own home, will we have to wear hard hats during viewings now?

* A child safety assessment - because obviously parents are clueless about letting thier children play on the busy A road right outside, or in the neighbouring sewage works.

* A pet suitability report - whether you want a dog, cat, budgie or not, purchasers are obvioulsy too stupid to work out for themselves if the home they are buying is suitable for Rover, Tiddles or Joey.

* A wildlife sustainability rating - in a city centre - seriously?

* Immigration checks on on the illegal immigrants that the UK Border Agency has allowed in, God forbid they are buying houses from us!

It was the Tories that banished HIPs in 2010 but the real motive for bringing HIPs back may not be to reduce aborted house sales (that enquiry is still ongoing). No, think of all the VAT generated for Mr Osborne from all of those useless reports. More important is the cost to the vendor of all these crazy reports. It could add thousands to the cost of selling.

As for estate agents, well the draft amendment in the Housing and Planning Bill proposes that we go to jail if we don't comply . Unless of course you are an "on-line agent", and in that case the government wanst to encourage competition by allowing this sector to go completely un-regulated, so no nasty convictions for on-line agents if they don't want to bother complying. De-regulation now where did that go wrong before?...oh yes, the banks. Well should be OK then.....

Yes it all sounds nuts. Probably because it is.

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