Landlords: You can't sell your properties say Labour!

Posted: 22/10/2019


Labour has effectively now told landlords that they don't believe that they should be able to sell their own property when they want to, in yet another highly concerning attack on landlord human rights. This latest "policy" stems from Liverpool councillor Nick Small who along with activists, stormed a perfectly legal auction to try and disrupt property sales. They said that some of the properties being sold had families living in them, despite the fact that the tenants were not being evicted. Such sales are a perfectly normal and legal practice. Landlords are fully entitled to sell their properties to other landlords. The buyers simply take on the existing tenants and become the new landlords, but it seems that Mr Small didn't like this legitimate arrangement. This comes on the back of Labour suggesting that landlords should be forced to sell to their tenants at a loss, leaving landlords in debt, and the even more wacky proposal by Jeremy Corbyn that landlords should be forced to give their properties to their tenants at the end of a tenancy! Unbelievable as all this may sound, it is a glimpse of the havoc that Labour could cause if they get into power.

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