Get a Room! (or an apartment): Surge in young adults still living with parents.

Posted: 17/10/2019


The number of young adults still living with their parents has surged in the last decade, by 24% according to the Office of National Statistics. In fact 3.4 million 20-34 year olds are still living at home, which must make things ehm...a little bit awkward for bringing a date home! This is likely down to the fact that many young people struggle to save for a deposit, although is it fair to blame it on the property market entirely? With the latest "must-have" i-phones costing over £500, it is perhaps arguable that this generation of young people simply prioritise differently. This increase is despite many government initiatives to make it easier for first time buyers. Did you know that Key One Property don't charge home sellers or landlords VAT ? 

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