Tenancy fees ban push rents up in England

Posted: 8/9/2019


ARLA is reporting that tenancy costs have risen by a record amount since the introduction of the tenancy fees ban in England. The industry told the government that any extra cost resulting from the ban would be passed on to tenants, and it appears that this is exactly what has happened. In true government style however, they wouldn't listen. The government were egged on by Shelter, who claimed that the legislation would reduce costs for tenants, but as usual for this outspoken organisation, they took a very narrow view which appears to have now back-fired. In Northern Ireland, there is no specific legislation banning tenancy fees, however a tenant won a recent case against a local agency on the basis that land regulations state that any fees that should be paid by landlords should not be charged to tenants. If you are a landlord and would like some help in letting or managing, just get in touch: 028 9056 6162 (24-7)

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