Government set to remove another landlord human right

Posted: 3/9/2019


In the continuing relentless attack on the private rental sector, the government is set to remove yet another basic human right for landlords who own property in England, that is the right to possession of their own property. In what is being seen as a contravention of Article 1 of the 1st Protocol of the Human Rights Act 1998, the goverment are set to remove a landlord's right to his or her own property through their own free choice. This will be brought about by the abolition of Assured Shorthold Tenancies in England and "Section 21" which currently allows landlords to give notice to a tenant after their tenancy agreement has finished. The government will insist that the landlord must show a "good reason" to take back their own property, which the government will list in legislation, thus erroding their freedom of choice. Thankfully, the legislation will not affect Northern Ireland. The Conservative government continue to push landlords to leave the rental market, as they believe that allowing more people to buy their own homes will be vote winners for them. They have calculated that they won't lose the landlord vote as who else would landlords vote for - Labour has already indicated that it will impose communist style regulations on landlords if they get into power, so not them! The Tori policy is however backfiring, as the industry told them it would, as additional regulations and extra taxes on landlords have simply been passed on to tenants, resulting in higher rents. And who can afford to save for a deposit when their rent goes up?

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