Gumtree property letting scam: tenants beware

Posted: 23/8/2019


Fraudsters recently "let out" a property on Gumtree, despite them not owning it, and pocketed ££££'s. The gang picked a house that was for sale, changed its locks and advertised it on Gumtree. After showing it to prospective tenants by posing as the landlords, they took deposits and rents of a number of applicants, none of whom ended up with a tenancy of course. The applicants were however out of pocket by thousands of pounds. So how do you protect against this as a prospective tenant? Simple, use only recognised property portals such as and where you will find bon-a-fide agents. Renting any property from a classified advert carries increased risks for tenants. However, we also found that letting through on-line classifieds carries increased risks for landlords, so we stopped advertising with them. We found that the worst tenants came from such sites and we think we know why - PropertyPal/News are used by agents who will properly reference a tenant; many landlords use classifieds to save a few bucks, but they won't always properly reference a tenant. Rogue tenants know this so they target the classifieds and avoid the mainstream sites that agents use. Interested in asking us to let or manage your property? We don't charge VAT: Call us 24/7 on 02890456162 or email:

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