Fake tenancy applications up but how do you detect them?

Posted: 4/8/2019


Fake tenancy applications are on the rise, but what is meant by a "fake" application? Well this can cover anything from a person failing to disclose information, to an out and out criminal attempt to acquire a property, usually for criminal purposes such as a cannabis factory, or possibly worse. Tenants who have bad history sometimes decide to try and hide that, so how is all of this avoided? Here at Key One we conduct comprehensive checks on tenants, including their all-important electronic footprint. We engage a specialist company that checks their identification, addresses, credit history and court judgements. This is in addition to obtaining actual identification, proof of address, references and proof of employment/income. A good example of how this works is a recent case where a prospective tenant claimed to be living at one address for the past 5 years. The checks revealed that he had in fact been living at 7 different addresses. Needless to say he didn’t get offered a tenancy and therefore we protected the landlord in that case. In addition to this we can also offer landlords Rent Guarantee Insurance which comes with legal expenses cover for eviction*. A fantastic product that costs just a few pounds a month extra. We offer LET ONLY or LET and MANAGE, whichever service you want. Our fees our very competitive and we don’t charge VAT. Contact us for more information. *Rent guarantee insurance is subject to acceptance, T&Cs.

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