How genuine and accurate are on-line accommodation reviews?

Posted: 3/8/2019


How genuine and accurate are accommodation reviews? If you are booking a hotel or self-catering accommodation, chances are that you will check out the all-important guest reviews. But just how genuine or accurate are they? Two of the market leaders are AirBnB and Both of these platforms allow guests to make reviews after their stay, however despite each having their own policy on reviews, neither conduct checks on whether or not the reviews are genuine or accurate. In our experience, even when a false or inaccurate review has been brought to their attention, both and AirBnb have refused to take it off their websites. reviews policy say that the review must be "genuine" and Airbnb's say that it must be the guest's "personal experience" but in practice do not enforce this, in our experience. So, the morale of the story is to take reviews with a big pinch of salt. Perhaps if and AirBnB took more responsibility for what they allowed to be published on their websites, travellers could come to rely on their reviews. 

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