AirBnB spy camera shock - how to avoid it

Posted: 14/4/2019


A Scottish couple on holiday in a Toronto AirBnB recently, were shocked to find a hidden camera in the bedroom. With an explosion of AirBnBs in the last few years, there are now thousands of new homes and rooms on the accommodation market, the majority of which are run by the owners. So how to you avoid this creepy voyeurism? Well, check who you are booking with, and if it is an accommodation company then the chances of hidden cameras are much less. This is because the owner will have handed the property over to be professionally managed and this will involve agency staff and cleaners, inspecting and cleaning on a regular basis, with the owner having little or no access. The more staff involved, the less likely there is to be a hidden camera. If you are interested in having your AirBnB property professionally managed then get in touch: 

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