Key One tenant ordered to pay £725

Posted: 23/2/2019


A former tenant of a property that we let and managed was ordered to pay £725.00 in court yesterday. The east Belfast tenant was given multiple opportunites to reach a resolution before we took her to court. We fully support our landlords and will take legal action on their behalf, where warranted. This particular tenant had decided that taking a cruise was more important than paying her rent, and eviction proceedings were commenced. She left the property with arrears, and failed to keep the property in good condition as per her liabilities under the tenancy agreement. Despite being warned that she would have a CCJ against her name if she lost, including by the judge, she refused to try and reach any resolution. The tenant now has a CCJ which will affect her credit rating and likely cause difficulty in obtaining housing and services in the future. Tenants should understand that there are consequences to beaching a tenancy agreement, and they can be severe. Of course landlords have liabilities too and both parties must adhere to the tenancy agreement. If you are a landlord that would like a pro-active agent to look after your property then drop us a line: or call us: 028 90456162 (24 hours). 

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