Universal Credit Chaos = Increase in Homelessness ?

Posted: 31/1/2019


A recent survey has found that 61% of residential tenants on Universal Credit (UC) are in arrears, an increase of 27% from 2016. At the same time, recent figures have shown a massive surge in homelessness accross the UK. To say the two are not linked would be putting the blinkers on. Landlords cannot afford to keep tenants who are in arrears, regardless if they are working or on benefits, particularly now that the government is adding so much additional cost to the private landlord. Because of the ridiculously slow system for repossessions which places tenants' human rights above those of landlords, many landlords are going for repossession before it gets too high. That is often 2 months - the average arrears on UC. Of course the industry did tell the government this, but did they listen? So who loses out? Tenants are evicted and landlords are left to pay their mortgages with no rental income - lose lose. Well done gov.uk !

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