Just browsing! Half of those searching for property online have no intention to buy

Posted: 14/10/2018

Almost half of those searching for property online have no intention of buying, analysis claims. The research shows that most people search on Rightmove and Zoopla, followed by Purplebricks. Although this is GB based, there is no reason to suggest that the smae doesn't apply to Northern Ireland.

The research found that 43% are viewing properties they know are out of their price range across the UK.

Of those who searched with no intention of moving, 61% said they did so as a hobby they enjoyed, while a third said it motivates them to work harder so they could one day get their dream home. Another third admitted they were jealous of what others own.

More than 50% of people ‘dream search’ at least once a week, and when online, almost 70% of people spend up to 30 minutes at a time browsing property pages and apps, while a further 27% spend between 30 minutes and an hour.

Add in the estate agents, surveyors and other professionals who use property websites for valuation and research purposes and that could take another 10-20% out, leaving possibly only 30-40% as genuine buyers. But despite this, it's still the most effective way of marketing a property. However, just remember next time you are on Property Pal and it is showing "1000 views", only a minority of those are probably genuine house hunters who can actually afford your home. 


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