Hiring a Skip? New laws could make you liable for landfill tax

Posted: 28/3/2018


Hiring a skip at your property? Did you know that from 1st April 2018 you could be held jointly and severally liable with the skip operator and anyone else in the waste chain for Landfill Tax (LFT) if your waste ends up at an unauthorised site? New legislation which will be enforced by HMRC means that everyone in the chain has a duty of care to ensure that their waste is not illegally dumped. Whilst it is not expected that residentail house-holders will be subject to these sanctions, in theory they could be. But it is more likely that landlords, property developers, builders and tradesmen will be held liable where their waste ends up at an illegal dump. And, the LFT is charged at the higher rate if it is dumped illegally, regardless of which rate it actual falls into. Inert waste is £2.80 per tonne, however the higher rate is a whopping £89.95 per tonne. So that is £8995 on 10 tonnes of waste which could easily be generated at a house refurb. So how do you avoid this? Follow the DEFRA/Environment Agency Waste Duty of Care - Code of Practice, available on line. Essentially you should be checking licenses and permits of skip operators and any intended recipient sites, and of course keep a record of the fact that you have done this to prove compliance. Most of this data is also available on line.

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