Lawyer-Landlord fined almost £5000

Posted: 17/7/2017

    A landlord who is a barrister has been ordered to pay almost £5000 at Birmingham Magistrates Court for failing to obtain an HMO licence and for breaching management regulations at a three-storey property.

    Lewis Perry, 39, pleaded guilty at Birmingham Magistrates Court to failing to obtain an HMO licence and for breaching management regulations. He was fined £3,500 plus told to pay £1,120 full costs and victim surcharge of £120. The property did not have an HMO licence, nor mains powered interlinked fire alarms or heat detectors in the kitchens. It also lacked fire doors or emergency lighting to the escape route.

    Perry is a barrister and head of Southall Chambers, one of whose areas of work include, wait for it..... regulatory and landlord/tenant work. As such he had no excuse whatsoever. Unfortunately, rogue landlords such as Perry, soil the name of good landlords who keep up to date with the law, and keep their properties in good habitable standard.

    If you want to avoid getting fined because you don't know the law, or have time to look after your property, then let us do it for you. We charge very fair rates and no VAT.



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