London Council Hypocritical On Lettings Fees

Posted: 13/3/2016

Labour's Animal Farm department are at it again. North London Labour dominated Haringey Council accusued letting agents of charging "rip off" fees to tenants then set up their own agency charging tenants £252 to apply for a property, £162 to withdraw and £300 just for "checking out".

Now yes, London agents do charge a small fortune to tenants but just how is that supposed to be good value from the council?

The cynical amongst you might say oh but don't forget Jeremy Corbyn's plan to replace private enterprise with state run organisations. Yes that really worked before didn't it?

Back to reality, at Key One we charge a small cost price referencing check fee to tenants. That's fair for tenants and if you are a landlord it means it won't discourage prospective tenants from applying.

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