Landlords holding breath over election

Posted: 8/6/2017


Landlords accross the UK are holding their breath over the general election. Whilst the Tory Government has launched major tax attacks on landlords over the past few years, the alternatives would probably be worse - Labour in particular who have pledged all sorts of additional costs and restrictions on landlords. Far left "Commy" Corbyn's party has even suggested that landlords give away their properties to tenants for next to nothing! But tenants who think Labour might be good for them shoud think again, because they have ended up paying for the additional taxes in their rents. As well as landlords passing on these additional expenses to tenants, the tax attack on landlords has forced many out of the market, reducing rental supply and increasing rental prices. The policy was intended to free up more housing for first time buyers but the Tories didn't figure on two things: 1) not all tenants are able to obtain a mortgage and 2) not all tenants want to buy a house. As usual, the south of England's "housing shortage crisis" dominates the entire UK housing policy, and the government have taken no account of the absence of any housing crisis in Northern Ireland, or in the north east of England where thousands of properties lie empty. All parties talk of being "fair" but we need a system in the UK that is fair to landlords as well as tenants. That will result in a healthy private rental housing market where landlords are able to supply good quality accommodation to tenants at reasonable prices.

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