Belfast Landlord Court Win in AirBnB Case

Posted: 4/4/2017


A Belfast landlord, supported by Key One Property, has been awarded damages against an AirBnB guest, despite AirBnB's "host guarantee" not paying out. The guest who stayed in the Belfast apartment for almost a month, caused damages to the paintwork and decor. We at Key One Property who manage the apartment, reported the matter to AirBnB and made a claim under their "host guarantee". This guarantee was supposed to be as good as, if not better than a deposit, and AirBnB claimed that it covered up to £600,000 of damages! In fact AirBnB promote themselves on the basis that they are a "community built on trust". But despite sending full details and photographs of the claim to AirBnB they closed the claim case and said a payment would not be made. As the guest refused to pay for the damages, we took him to the Small Claims Court on behalf of the landlord. The judge awared the landlord £638.00 and the guest (a Spaniard now living in Northern Ireland) has a CCJ against his name. As a result of the failure of AirBnB to honour the host guarantee, we stopped taking bookings through them and now use alternative booking platforms. There has been a substantial increase in Belfast landlords renting out their properties short term, fuelled by the shortage in city hotel accommodation. Whilst returns are higher, so too are costs, as landlords have to provide full services including heating, power and cleaning. But it can be more profitable depending on your property and where it is located. And, with our new marketing platforms we now take real deposits! If you are interested in offering your property as short term accommodation then get in touch with us - we are happy to provide you with some estimated projections and costs. We provide full booking, turn-around and management services, and as can be seen from this article, we will support our landlords when they have been wronged! Image: Wikimedia Commons.

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