Another Landlord court win for Key One

Posted: 6/5/2017



Court is really a last resort for us, but we will support our landlords if it is the only option left open to us. Key One Property recently obtained another positive result at a Belfast Laganside Small Claims Court against a tenant who sub-let and did not rectify damages. The tenant was a prominent Northern Ireland award winning company who had not obtained permission to sub-let. In conjunction with a local statutory body*, they illegally placed a homeless person in the house. Despite trying to conceal this from us, we quickly discovered what was going on and served a Notice to Quit. We also exerted pressure on the statutory body to re-house the person. When the occupant finally left there were significant dilapidations which the tenant-company declined to make good. We made those repairs and placed a new tenant into the property quickly, limiting the potential loss to the landlord. We then attempted to obtain payment from the company for the repairs but they declined. After several warnings, we brought a small claim on behalf of the landlord. Small claims are as much about forcing parties together to negotiate, and in this case it resulted in an agreed settlement for our landlord. The company paid £1100 plus the court fee. There is significant work involved in preparing and presenting a case at court, as well as some expertise. However at Key One we feel that it is important to fully support our landlords when they have been wronged. If you are a landlord and feel that your current agent isn't supportive enough then please get in touch. *Note that we cannot name the statutory body as we have referred the matter to the Northern Ireland Audit Office who are investigating. We cannot name the tenant-company either as the matter was settled without a court order.

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