Generation Rent say phones more important than home!

Posted: 19/2/2017


A survey by Scottish Windows has revealed that tenants prioritise having a mobile phone way above having their rent money! 80% of tenants said that having a mobile phone was essential yet only 30% had plans in place to pay their rent if there was an issue with their income. The majority of tenants had no backup if they lost their income, with only 35% of couples saying that they could afford their rent if one of them lost their income. Many tenants believe that they would automatically qualify for housing benefit, but it is unlikely that the majority would get their rent paid in full. So there you have it, whilst groups like Shelter are fighting on behalf of tenants it appears that most aren't really bothered, so long as they can talk, text and browse on their mobiles....The good news for landlords is that we can now GUARANTEE YOUR RENT - contact us for details, T&Cs. Key One Property: 9045 6162 /

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