Landlord registration debacle in Wales

Posted: 17/2/2017


In the latest turn in the Welsh Landlord Registration Scheme, public officials have made yet another blunder, this time by accidentally sending details of potentially thousands of landlords to recipients who had no right to have the details. This latest data-protection debacle comes after delays in the implementation of the scheme, and the revelation that there are an insufficiently low number of officials to both administer and enforce it. In Northern Ireland we are now into our third year of compulsory residential landlord registration. Despite this we still come across landlords who have not registered. As such they are risking not only fines, but if there is a tenant dispute an un-registered landlord could be accused of entering into an illegal letting, making any civil action or defence difficult for the landlord. If you are one of our clients however, that's not something you would have to worry about as we take care of it for you. Call us on 028 90456162 24 hours or email: and let us keep you on the right side of the law.

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