Sorry exactly where is this HOUSING CRISIS supposed to be minisiter?

Posted: 5/2/2017


Wonder exactly where the hell this "housing crisis" that we constantly hear about is supposed to be? It's not in Northern Ireland or Scotland where there is a good balance of demand and supply. It's not in the north of England either where thousands of properties sit empty. So that just leaves.....oh yes, the centre of the universe, London and the south of England. The housing crisis (or shortage of affordable housing to buy and rent) is in London and the south of England. Well here's a solution for the southern English - move north! Today this so called "housing crisis" has again been cited, when housing minister Gavin Barwell announced a U-turn on that all important home ownership aspiration of the current government. The penny has eventually dropped but a bit too late for landlords who are now taxed to their eyeballs and passing those extra costs on to tenants. This has been the policy of this government to date - to try and tax landlords out of the market, artificially lower house prices and allow more first time buyers into the market. As we predicted though this tampering with the free market (a tactic normally reserved for Corbyn's Commie party) has backfired and tenants are footing the bill. It is highly unlikely that there will be any change of those tax policies now but perhaps if Theresa May does what she is promising by Brexit-preparation-investment in the north, those fickle southeners might just be tempted to ditch their 500 square foot basement flats is Sussex in favour of a detached home in Darlington for half the price..... and hey presto, the "housing crisis" is gone!

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