Simon Cowell was an estate agent !

Posted: 13/11/2016


Simon Cowell has revealed that he was an estate agent for eight months — and says it was the most miserable time of his life.

The X Factor judge made the revelation in a radio interview with Professor Jonathan Shalit.

Cowell, 57, said: “After I left the music industry I was an estate agent for eight months. And I can honestly say it was the most miserable eight months of my life.

“I worked for this really snotty company in Mayfair who hated me and I hated them, and I was so upset that my mum actually said to me, ‘I’ve never seen you so depressed’.

“Luckily I was offered a job back at the music publishing company. I’m glad I tried it because it was horrible.”

Maybe it was too much work for Mr Cowell........?

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