Labour Party want to become Letting Agents

Posted: 7/10/2016


We all know that Jeremy Corbyn is pretty left field but his mad Communist policies have really peaked this time as Labour have announced that they want to set up their own letting agencies. Why? Because shadow housing minister Teresa Pearse thinks that tenants' application fees are too high. So simple solution is for the state to start its own agency. Great, what next, is Labour going to start making cars, razor blades and escalators as they are all a bit pricey? Manipulating the market like this is one sure way to increase the "housing crisis". In London, and some parts of England, tenancy application fees are pretty expensive, but around the rest of the country they are more reasonable. How well do you think Labour could run a business? Well, look at how they run the last government, and of course how they are running their own party.

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