Gone in 60 Seconds!

Posted: 26/2/2016


This 2 bed semi in east Belfast let before we had properly marketed it. We are currently experiencing high demand for the right type of properties. What is the right type of property? Well anything in a good location, in good condition, at the right price. But homes like this one, with a bit of garden are generally more sought after. The demand might possibly be something to do with our last article about the attack on Buy-To-Let investors. If BTL investors are being put off then the supply of rented property decreases and demand may actually increase. If you are a landlord, we are happy to offer a range of letting options from simply advertising your property (no letting fee is then payable), to full letting and management, or something in between. Remember, our services are VAT free, saving you 20%! If you are not yet a landlord, even with the recent government changes, perhaps it is something to think about. We are happy to give new landlords advice on the subject.

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