Renters Union Launched

Posted: 5/7/2016

Despite already having more rights than landlords, Scottish tenants are forming a Scandinavian style Renters Union.

Living Rent has grown out of the Living Rent Campaign, where tenants across Scotland campaigned for rent controls and security of tenure.

Liz Ely, acting chair of Living Rent, said: “Right now, too many landlords can get away with charging rip-off rents for poor quality housing, and tenants are paying the price". You don't need a union for that Liz, just find a better property.

She goes on "the private rented sector is regulated like it’s just another business venture" (it is and should be Liz) "but the reality is that hundreds and thousands of tenants rely on private landlords to keep a roof over their heads". So what the campaign is saying is that landlords should take a financial loss because tenants want better housing. Interesting though that Liz does admit how crucial landlords are as home providers in the UK.

Of course, we believe in landlords providing decent accommodation at the market price. With the recent fiscal attacks on landlords by the government, it is highly unlikely that they are going to provide financial support to any scheme to improve housing and lowering rents. Still, as it remains politically acceptable to bash private home providers, this is what happens.




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